Miracle of Faith

Superstition has been with human being since an old day. Somehow become in a strange amulet with magic involved, either black and white. In Thailand and neighbors, many people live on this faith almost everywhere. Some large trees, bow of boats, or medallions are held in particular respect because believe of spirit or ghost living inside. Even a golden baby I am talking about, or called ‘Kuman Thong’.

Kuman Thong is made from element of clay from cemeteries and recited incantations over by monk. Inside spirit, sometimes boy or girl, is believable an un-born child. Anyone who owns Kuman Thong will be his/her mom or dad, and your mystical child will protect and keep you safe from approaching danger, offer you well-being of lucky if you ask for.

If you are looking for any proof of this superstition, I can say is yet! Likely fortune tellers get lots business everywhere. For people, no matter to wonder or not  is it real, they just want only strong power on their faith with everyday living happy is definitely amazed their life.


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